Davines is simply divine. Founded in 1983 by the Bollati family, Davines began as a research lab for high-end hair and skin care, honing their skills before moving into the salon industry in the mid-1990s. The Davines hair care philosophy takes inspiration from beauty, nature and tradition. Davines creates shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to benefit more than just your hair, creating products with sustainable packaging made from renewable energy sources.

Our style is a reflection of our curiosity and openness to the world – different cultures, customs, and people that truly inspire us – and our Italian perspective of history and art, design and fashion, culture and lifestyle because it is our heritage and who we are. We love things that reflect simplicity and harmony because their beauty is always modern. And although we're in tune with today's mood, we set out to create concepts and products that are destined to become classics with their timeless appeal.
Quality to us means having the freedom to create the best products with attention and respect for our environment, using high grade, natural ingredients, and applying scientific rigor to every product to guarantee our customers' safety. Quality is also intended by all of us, by our partners and consumers as quality of life.
At Davines, we dare to do what we believe in and, rather than conforming to the mainstream, allow intuition to pave our path. This gives us the freedom to develop concepts and products that are original, authentic, and emotionally connected with people. Our work is a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science, people and spirit. It is what enables us to create what we call life-enhancing projects.
More than two decades later, the Davines community spans over 75 countries, thousands of salons and hundreds upon hundreds of passionate hairdressers. Although we continue to grow, with headquarters in Parma, New York City, Paris, London and Mexico City, our roots are firmly planted in our beginnings as a family-owned research laboratory guided by the same desire for quality products with an authentic approach and timeless appeal. You should check out Davines website, www.davines.com.  


UNITE HAIR CARE PRODUCTS:  Founded by hairstylist Andrew Dale in 2004, this boutique line consists of 32 professional hair care products “Combining high-performance ingredients, fashion inspiration and salon quality results, UNITE provides a backstage pass to chic style”.

UNITE is sulfate free, paraben free and sodium chloride-free. Remember to go tothe UNITE website,  www.unitehair.com  and click on product knowledge .  This site offers instructional videos which explain what each UNITE product is about and how to use them.

  “7 things you didn’t know” about their hairstyling products:

1-UNITE 7Seconds Condition can detangle hair in just 7 seconds.

2-Eva Longoria, Jessica Lowndes, Kim Kardashian, Christina Ricca, and Nina Dobrev are just a few fans of the 7Seconds products.

3-UNITE 7Seconds Dry Shampoo can preserve color and increase volume without any residue.

4-UNITE 7Seconds is the perfect beach bag must-have as it offers UV protection on strands.

5-UNITE 7Seconds Condition will work on any hair texture, from fine hair to coarse curls-so anyone can use it.

6-Didn’t have time to wash your hair in the AM? The 7Seconds Dry Shampoowill give you that freshly washed hair look in just 7 seconds

7-Lastly, UNITE hair products including the 7Seconds Condition and Dry Shampoo are PETA certified…what’s not to love about that?

Remember to visit  http://www.uniteeurotherapy.com/product-knowledge/cleanse/7seconds and learn about  other UNITE Hair Care Products.

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