We are RE-OPENING on May 26th!



A Covid re-opening has proved to be anything but easy! We have tried to think of everything! Plus a whole lot of stuff that is required!

THIS IS LONG>>>>SORRY! Please read this thoroughly so you know what to expect!

We can't thank you enough for supporting us and our team during this very strange time. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. The first few days could be full of trial and error. We again ask for your patience, understanding and trust during this time. 



COVID-19 STRICT Regulations For SOFT Re-opening MAY 26th


All Appointments from March 16th- May 26th will be called first to be rebooked.

 Please be patient as this is over 2500 calls to make - no exaggerations.

Credit card #s will be taken to hold appointments there will be a $5 COVID fee for all PPE needed.

 To ensure a touch free check out upon services rendered.

All payments will be contactless.

 Gratuities can be added via credit card, your stylist's Venmo or PayPal. We are sorry,but we cannot take cash at this time.

48-hour cxl policy will be in effect and all who cannot make their appointment will be charged a 50% fee.

Upon entry of salon, you must have a temperature check. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be allowed to enter. That includes staff who will be checked at the beginning and the end of shift.

You must wear a MASK to enter salon.

All guest and staff must wear a mask for the duration of appointment. 

All guest will be required to sign a waiver to receive service.

Everyone must understand we are following strict guidelines: This is so we can open and service you all as safely as possible.  


All guests must wait in their car until their scheduled Apt. time. We will call or text to let you know when the area has been properly sanitized.


NO accompanying friends or children are permitted in the salon - NO Exceptions.

No WALK-IN appointments until further notice.

NO Beverages will be served, you will need to bring a reusable beverage bottle. There is a public water fountain available.

All guest must first wash their hands, and then the service will take place as follow:

Shampoo, Haircut, and THEN color services will be rendered.

 At this time,a blow dry’s will be possible but without receiving a haircut there will be an additional fee.

The Staff and Owners of AOC SALON agree on all terms to operate. We ask for your patience and understanding during this time.













AOC Salon dreams of getting it right; but more importantly to keep getting it right. By combining four exceptional ideas - and staying fiercely true to them - we have continued to grow and thrive: Guaranteeing the best quality, assembling the best and most creative team, collaborating without boundaries, and every individual owning the client experience.   

At AOC Salon it's very simple: Great Hair. Great Service. Great Products and Advice.  Their best effort each and every time with everyone. It's always your first date at AOC Salon and that special feeling never wears off.  They may not be for everyone but everyone there is for me. Learn more about us and meet our team.

AOC Salon is an artist's dream. A beautifully simple, yet luxurious, modern environment encourages artistic exploration and inspires creativity. Diverse artistic visions come together in a harmonious and supportive workplace where stylists are fiercely loyal, collaborative, and nurturing. The vibe is infectious, attracting clients who appreciate the benefits of a salon where everyone loves their job, people are growing and thriving, and focused on creating the kind of effortless beauty that not only makes them feel better about themselves but also simplifies their lives.


AOC Salon is owned and operated by Dalbe Markman.  Dalbe Markman prides herself in providing a warm, friendly and hip environment for people from all walks of life. She makes every effort to greet guests with a relaxing ambiance and the highest quality of salon services.  Markman says “her greatest success is having an amazing team of employees and moving forward with love and support of family, friends, and clients who encourage her to transcend all boundaries.” AOC Salon opened on June 3rd 2008. 


AOC Salon has been published in many local, regional and national publications.  Google “AOC Salon” or “Dalbe Markman” and you will find pages and pages of information and great reviews.



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