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Why get Hair Extensions:

Hair that is thin or thinning.
We are all born with a certain number of hair follicles and no matter how well we take care of the hair it won't get thicker because there are a limited amount of hairs. There are also other factors for thinning hair such as medications, extreme dieting, and hormonal imbalances. Last, age, it is natural for the hair follicles to die off as we get older. It is just the body slowing down. The right method of hair extensions can turn this situation around and you can literally have better hair than ever before. There is just something about long hair that's just sexy and youthful.


Hair that gets to a certain length and stops growing.

Each hair has a cycle of life. Some people have hair follicles that will grow for two years or so before stopping the growth, shedding the hair, then starting the growth of a new hair. For others the same cycle can last 6-7 years and beyond. If you fall on the shorter end of the spectrum then chances are you hair will stop growing just below shoulder length. You still can have the hair you've always dreamed of with extensions.


Chemically damaged hair from color or retexturizers.

We hate to say it but it can happen. When the hair is treated with color too often or too aggressively. We see this more with blondes and highlights, the hair just deteriorates a bit more with each application of color if special care is not taken. Retexturizers like brazillian straighteners which require the use of a 450 degree flat iron. These processes can take a toll on the hair causing breakage and once that happens it takes so long to grow it back. That's why one could consider length enhancements.


To add color with out harsh chemicals.

We can add hair extensions to create a new color such as highlights. If you have your natural hair color and want a change but not permanent, for health or maintenance reasons, even just that feeling of being unsure. Hair Extensions are a great way of trying new colors without changing or damaging your own hair.


For a special occasion.

It's just fun to rock a new style or updo for that special night.
No matter what your reason is for wanting to enhance your hair. There are affordable holistic hair extension options as well as luxury custom made lengths.



We offer the following Hair Extensions:

  • Babe 
  • Socap 


Looking for individual advice?

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Babe 100% human hair is being used by salons and stylists all over the world for its ability to maintain a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone. Equally important to stylists is the attachment method. No heat, glue or chemical, means no mess or damage to the client's hair.


Babe hair is available in 25 colors and can be curled, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, permed and even colored. Because the cuticle is not stripped and is left in-tact, Babe's high quality REMY (cuticle correct) hair accomplishes the goal of helping men and women around the world gain the look they desire. From adding highlights to volume to length, all looks and styles for all walks of life can be accomplished by using Babe hair.



Imagine having thick, long, healthy-looking hair that until now has been almost unattainable. AOC Salon uses SO.CAP hair extensions that will transform hair into a full bodied, long, rich textured and stunning look that was formerly available only to entertainers and fashion models.


Here are some things you need to know about SO CAP USA hair extensions:

·         Only 100% human hair is used, so the look will be full-bodied, healthy, and richly textured

·         The extensions are also easy to remove with absolutely no  damage                                                                                                 

·         Each extension comes with advanced Keratin-protein bonding technology

·         Largest selection of colors from which to choose


The revolutionary SO CAP USA. Hair Extension System uses only 100% human hair of the highest grade which has been pre-bonded with natural keratin tips. This advanced keratin bonding technology is combined with state-of-the-art professional electronic application equipment to produce a safe, incredibly easy to use extension system that allows us to create spectacular, natural-looking results for you without any damage to your existing hair. With 58 unique natural shades and exciting fantasy colors from which to choose, it’s easy to add incredible length, fullness, texture, and color. It is no surprise that most of the top names in entertainment and fashion use human hair extensions to achieve today’s hottest styles.

Application and Uses
We use the most recent and unique technology. This new achievement allows the hair extensionists to safely bond the hair extensions very close to the scalp, making them less visible and available for a wider range of clients.

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Exclusive Service

 Flamboyage technique is a new amazing color technique created to bring out beautiful natural tones and accentuate the color taking it to a whole new level.
With Davines Flamboyage you can create natural looking color which will look vibrant and spontaneous. Find out more about our services and prices.

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